SLK Shooting Bipod by SLAM


SLAM Simple, Light, and Kompact

The SLK bipod features a simple function design. To deploy the legs for use, simply pull down on them so that they lock in place. To adjust the leg height simply push the leg latch and slide the outer leg up or down the inner leg, release the latch and allow the outer leg to lock in place. The SLK bipod also pivots side to side. Our design allows you to preset the tension and or lock it in place using the tension lever. To return the legs to the stowed position, simply push in the leg release button and pivot the leg up. The SLK bipod is light; the model N618-ADM is 6-9 inches in version and weighs in at only 14.1 ounces. The SLK bipod is kompact. In the stowed position, it is slightly over 2 inches wide, barely wider than the typical rifle stocks fore end. This allows you to easily slide your rifle with your bipod attached into your backpack.

The SLK bipod. Simple, Lightweight and Kompact
Designed for the demanding long range shooter and hunter. From the ground up the SLK bipod is purpose built, its compact design allows it to stay attached to the rifle and slide in and out of your backpack or scabbard with ease. The legs quickly deploy with one movement, reading it for use. The intuitive design allows for adjustment of leg length and tension of the pivot block to be made by the shooter while remaining in the prone position